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Casino Malaysia games online bonus points everyday to win more games

One of the most attractive parts of online casino games is getting different types of bonuses and rewards on playing. Achieve casino Malaysia games online bonus points everyday to win more games & unlock additional features. Whenever you approach a new casino game for the first time, take thorough review on their promotion and bonus offers to get the best out of it.

Casino Malaysia games online bonus points everyday to win more games

Casino Malaysia games online bonus points everyday to win more games

Casino Malaysia games online bonus points everyday to win more games

Generally, all the casino Malaysia games offer bonuses and promotions to draw the attention of new customers and retain their loyal players. There are welcome bonuses, sign-up bonus for the new players, a special discount on the first deposit, match bonus for the regular depositors, percent bonus etc.

One of the most appreciated bonus is no deposit bonus. Signing-up for a new game generally requires an initial amount to be paid to the casinos. With this bonus offer, a player gets bonus points right after signing up which is transformed later into a real credit. The credit is then transferred into his gaming account. You will be able to use the bonus points to win more games as well!

Types of daily bonuses offered by the casinos

Casino Malaysia games offer bonus points or bonus cash depending on their terms & conditions. For a certain amount of bonus points a casino player may get a fixed amount cash which is set by the gaming authority. You can win bonus points everyday on different casinos by becoming their loyal customer. The bonus points will help you add money to your account and win more games.

Below are the types of few daily bonuses that you can achieve by playing at different Malaysian casinos-

  1. Daily first-deposit bonus in online casino Malaysia

Casinos offer 18% up to 25% cash bonus for your first deposit on a day. You can win this bonus throughout the whole week provided that you deposit a minimum amount fixed by the casino.


Let, you have deposited MYR 250 in your account prior to starting the game. If the rollover requirement is 18x to unlock the deposit bonus which is 20% then the bonus cash you can win is:

(MYR 250+ MYR20)* 18 which is equal to MYR 4,860!

The more money you’ll deposit, the more bonus you’ll get.

  1. 5% daily re-deposit bonus to online casino Malaysia

It’s a daily bonus mostly offered for the loyalty members of a casino. Each time a player deposits cash into his account, he is rewarded with a 5% re-deposit bonus.


Let you have re-deposited MYR 120 in your account. If it needs 3 rollovers to unlock the bonus points or cash then the total amount you can win is:

(MYR 120+ MYR 5) *3= MYR 375

  1. Reload bonus

Casinos offer bonus points for every time you reload the game. It’s more like a welcome bonus but the intention behind offering this bonus is to pull their old irregular players back to the casino. The bonus points can be given on a daily basis, weekly, or monthly depending on the casino.

Some casinos pay less attention to their profit and more on holding their regular players. They offer varieties of loyalty bonus points everyday and provides a discount on special purchases. Look for a suitable casino that offers lucrative daily bonus points with additional benefits.


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