How to Play

Online Live Casino is becoming one of the most popular online gambling games and most widely played by many people of Malaysia. One online live casino games are most often played by the people of Malaysia that same game us dragon tiger casino.

Game dragon tiger is the easiest game on live casino games. Because the tiger dragon game player only choose between the dragon or tiger neck and pie. In the game of dragon tiger who has order the highest card wins. To order the highest card in the game dragon tiger is the king (K), while the us is the lowest card sequence.

How To Always Win Play Dragon Tiger by performing calculations card if the card is a bet for the dragon wins, the results obtained by the 1: 1 on a number of partnerships. However, if the value on the card was the same, then you will lose half the bet you save. When betting for the tiger to win, then the result of the victory obtained is 1: 1, when the value of the card was the same, then you lose half your bet. When you place a bet on Tie, the result of the acquisition of a victory is 1: 8.