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Several rules and principles in playing slot machine

Slot machines are so popular today that you can hardly find at least one land-based or online casino without them. Why do they have such a popularity? The reason is their simplicity, easiness and the huge number of game themes and game play features, which invites every player to try all of them. If you are beginner, here are several rules and principles in playing slot machine.

Several rules and principles in playing slot machine

How to choose a slot machine

The range of available machines in land-based casinos and in online ones often make visitors get lost. First decide what type of slot you’d prefer: old-school 3-reel slots, 5-reel video or jackpot ones. First type of machines will please you with triple sevens, gold bars and of course cherries. The second type will let you choose between dozens of themes like romance, mythology, history etc. But if you are here to win big money, then jackpot slots right for you.

Several rules and principles in playing slot machine

Several rules and principles in playing slot machine

Selecting Your Bet Size

Slots machines allow players to place bets that range from small to large amounts per spin with casino online no deposit, it is one of the amazing fact playing at online casino. So whether you’re playing for fun with a small bankroll, or want to go all in with big max bets, you can. After choosing a slot machine, simply select the size of coin you’d like to use – most games offer coin sizes that range from 0.01 up to 5.00 or even bigger. Thereafter you’d need to select the number of coins you’d like to play per spin.

Most slots will also let you select a number of paylines which will get activated when you start spinning. Some slots also have a Bet Max button which will activate all the paylines at once along with the max number of coins. The bigger your bet size of course the bigger your win will be. In turn, the smaller your bet, the longer your bankroll will last.

How much to bet?

Starting every game you must place the bet for one spin. The size of this bet will vary depending on your goal, e.g. if you are playing just for fun you can bet 0.01, but if you are hunting for a huge win you bet can reach 5.00 or even more. The size of the bet you can choose in every slot before starting the game.

In every slot you can also select the certain number of paylines to be activated during every spin. “Bet Max” button activates all paylines at once. The more you bet, the more you will win, but if you bet a small sum, your bankroll will last longer.

Pay table in every machine

A pay table can be found in every machine. There you can learn all symbols that you can meet during the game, features of the slot and values of payouts. First, look at the pay table, before making the first spin. Often game machines give awards for the match of 3-4 or more symbols. In the game you can also see “Wild” symbol, which replace any symbol on the screen and increases your chances to win. Another symbol is “Scatter”. If you see the “Scatter” symbol, this means that now you will receive either bonus rounds, or free spins, or maybe  the second screen game

Summing up

To play slots just find a “Spin” button on the slot machine you like. Start now, it will be easy, fun and even rewarding.


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