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The Types of Online Casino Games

Playing at an online casino is even better than the actual one like in real land-based casino. In online casino, you can manage to place your bets and chat with your new friends. Betting is really fun and exciting, and being able to play online from the comfort of your own home gives easy access to this entertainment, where you should not probably travel several thousand miles to participate.

So having a hard time where to play online casino games? Worry no more. Onlinecasinoqq101 is here to provide all the games that you’re looking for including the promotional offers and great features of each games. Being the trusted and reliable online casino website in Malaysia, we offer different casino games from different providers like in Gameplay Interactive, Gold Deluxe, All Bet, Asia Gaming, Oriental Gaming, Royal Casino, Opus Casino and Playtech Casino.

The Types of Online Casino Games

The Types of Online Casino Games

Here are some online casino games you can supposed to find in Onlinecasinoqq101.

Baccarat – This card game is one of the easiest games to play when connecting to Onlinecasinoqq101. In this case, there are two hands – BANKER and PLAYER. Then, each hand has two cards distributed by charming dealers. So you have to do is simply predict which hand has a higher total number. And if the same total is – it’s a TIE.

Blackjack – one of the favorite online casino games of all players. Blackjack is also known as twenty-one (21). The objective of this game is to draw a hand whose value is greater than the hand of the dealer. Note that this does not exceed 21, because if you are over 21, it will be considered “BUST” and you will lose at that time.

Roulette – you first understand the wheel. It has 38 numbers – 1 to 36, zero and double zero. But if you play European Roulette – it only has 37 numbers. So here, as you notice when the dealer turns the wheel, the ball rotates in the opposite direction. To bet on this game, just place your bet on any number or columns. Do not forget the blacks, the reds, the odds and the chances.

Dragon Tiger – the simplest game on the online casino and the popular Asian game. Played with 52 deck cards. One card is for Dragon Hand and the other card is for Tiger Hand. The high-value card is the winner. If it is the same, it is a TIE. The KING is the highest card and the lowest is the ACE.

Sic Bo – this game is played on a table with three dice. Place your bets as you can see on the Sic Bo table layout. As you observed, the three dice are placed in a plastic cylinder and the dealer gives a slight shake on that container. When the results have revealed and if you bet on any of these places or numbers, you will be rewarded according to the odds of the payout table of this game.

Tips on winning online casino games

When you start your betting session in Onlinecasinoqq101, you just need to understand the games that you want to play. So you are not able to waste your time and money at all. Look always at the odds of the game table. And read some strategies on how to beat the odds, you can your friends who also played online casino games. We are giving such promotional offers that is really great and amazing when it compares to other betting websites. Take advantage on it and enjoy everything that we offer for you. This will really help you a lot on your betting journey at QQ101.

When betting, you win or lose right? So, you must always prepared whether you win or lose. In betting world, bankroll management is necessary. Just play with your own money. Don’t gamble with a rent money. Just set your objective at all. Ask yourself if how much money are you willing to lose or how much money do you have to gamble? Stick on your decision. Don’t change your mind every single seconds. Enjoy online casino games, don’t forget to have fun.

The reason WHY gambler likes playing at Onlinecasinoqq101.com

Best live casino gambling games is in Onlinecasinoqq101.com. Why gamblers choose to play and bet in our website? There are so many nice features of each games – one of the features is the high graphics and great sound effects of games. Additional to that is our charming and lovely dealers that will help you on your adventure in QQ101.

The promotional offers is here for you. The welcome bonus, reload bonuses, cashbacks and also the weekly unlimited cash rebates. Grab any of the promotions and this will help you to win big prizes every time you bet. So avail it anytime using your smart phones or any internet-connected devices. Our games is available and accessible using your mobile phones. So you play and bet at your own place – free time in office, every weekends or while stuck on the traffic. It is available in android and iOS platforms, so you don’t need to worry in compatibility issue.

We have highly trained customer service support team that is constantly given your principal need regarding any matter in our website. Whatever concerns that you have, click our live chat button or just contact us via email or direct line and our team will answer quickly your queries.

So, registered yourself now at Onlinecasinoqq101 to start playing the latest and newest online casino games in Malaysia. We are really trustworthy and you can easily find your preferred games by scrolling up and down on our betting website. The registration process when creating an account is basic and less time consuming. It only takes 2-3 minutes to finish it. Follow the few steps on the site and have an amazing betting experience with us. Everyone can be a winner.

We clearly define that we will never upset you in any aspect of our services. Access here now, so that you can enter offers, promotions and abundant rebates from our website. Enjoy and have fun!


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