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Variety of Online Casino Games at Betting Online Casino Website Malaysia

Variety of Online Casino Games at Betting Online Casino Website Malaysia. Online casino games is such a great discovery. Any casino games like the baccarat, blackjack, sic Bo, roulette, dragon tiger allows you to play them anytime, anywhere – as long as you are comfortable to your place. No need to travel, no added expenses for the transportation and also no noisy crowds at all. By clicking only the browser to your phone or mobile, you can play your all-time favorite online casino games at Onlinecasinoqq101, the best and reliable betting online casino website in Malaysia.

Pick your games to the best and reliable casino website

You may be surprise if you won unexpectedly in our site. Because there are such big prizes and rewards in here that will surely help you to grab more winnings every time you bet. You can choose you games from the best providers of Onlinecasinoqq101 – Gold Deluxe, Opus, Gameplay Interactive, Asia Gaming, Royal Online, Playtech and Oriental Gaming. Each tables of the game, expect that you can see our lovely and beautiful dealers. They are so generous and kind, they will help and assist you throughout the game.

Variety of online casino games at betting online casino website Malaysia

Variety of online casino games at betting online casino website Malaysia

Here are some list of online casino games that are available in our site:

Baccarat – this card game is played with 6 deck to 8 deck shoe. Two hands – BANKER or PLAYER. The cards are dealt by the live dealers. Face cards also the 10s has no value in this game. Numbers lower than 10 are counted as it is and the aces is worth as 1. The hand that has highest total value is considered as the winner. If have result has the same value, it is a TIE.

Blackjack – also known as twenty-one or 21. One of the most popular casino games worldwide. This is a card game that pits player versus the dealer. It is played with 1 or more deck of cards. The cards in here is counted as their respective numbers – like if have a card (9 – heart), it is count as 9 also. The face cards counts as 10 and the Ace is considered as eleven or one. Cards that has higher than 21 is a BUST.

Roulette – known also as “little wheel”. The wheel has 36 numbers and have one 0. But on some American tables, there is a “00”. The dealer will put the white ball spinning in the wheel that will land on the numbers and if the ball stops on the number that has bet of yours, it means you win the game/ round. Know the different types of inside bets of this roulette wheel game.

Sic Bo – known as the “dice pair”. This game uses three dices and also has the table. This has the wide variety of betting options. The dealer also shake the dices then wait the results after. There are combinations of the throw of the dice. It is also a game of chance. This is popular in Macau and China, but widely spread in Asia. Remember to read more about bet types of this game because it has different payouts also.

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